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Sequencing Service
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  Hokkaido System Science Co., Ltd. (HSS) delivers sequence data with very short turnaround and at competitive prices. The sequencing is based on high quality oligo-synthesis technique.
HSS strives to work as each customer's own Sequencing Dept.

Primer Walking
  Long sequences are determined by Primer Walking method with your provided DNA samples.
High quality data is available by continuous analysis using primers designed and synthesized from the result of the previous sequencing.
Service Description Price & Domestic Lead-time How to order
Service Description
Service Description
  Several sequencing analyses are performed with your provided DNA sample.
New primers are designed from the sequencing result and synthesized to be used for another sequencing reaction, hence long sequences are determined by repeating this process.
There are two methods to choose from, Single Strand Sequencing (SSS) and Double Strand Sequencing (DSS), depending on the application.
  The service includes;

- Agarose gel electrophoresis
- Primer design and synthesis
- Sequencing reaction
- Sequencer run
- Data check
- Assemble data generation
  Reagent: BigDye Terminator v3.1
  Equipment: PRISM 3130 Genetic Analyzer
    PRISM 3730 DNA Analyzer
  * A standard sequence data comprise approximately 500 bases at one reaction. Repetitive
   analyses can be performed to cover all bases required to be analyzed.
   E.g.) For primer walking (SSS) of approx. 3.0kb sequence;
   Normally, approx. 6 reactions will be performed. (3,000bp / 500bp per reaction = 6 reactions.)
  The report is to be sent via e-mail and CD-R.

  - HSS synthesized primer
  - CD-R

Data in CD-R
  - Base sequence data (Text file)
  - Chromatochart (PDF file)
  - Assembled data
  - Primer information

* Progress reports for each sequencing reaction can be delivered via e-mail upon request.

Price & Domestic Order Lead-time
Price & Domestic Order Lead-time
  Price and Lead-time is changing depend on the required length. Below prices include primer design and synthesis, sequencing analysis and assemble.
(tax exclusive)
Length to be analyzed Single strand Lead-time Double strand Lead-time
Uo to 1.0kbp 22,000 JPY Approx. 2 weeks 44,000 JPY Approx. 2 weeks
Uo to 1.5kbp 30,500 JPY Approx. 3 weeks 61,000 JPY Approx.3 weeks
Uo to 2.0kbp 39,000 JPY 78,000 JPY
Uo to 2.5kbp 56,000 JPY Approx. 1 month 112,000 JPY Approx. 1.5 month
Uo to 3.0kbp 64,500 JPY 129,000 JPY
Uo to 3.5kbp 73,000 JPY 146,000 JPY
Uo to 4.0kbp 81,500 JPY 163,000 JPY
Uo to 5.0kbp 107,000 JPY Approx. 1.5
- 2 months
214,000 JPY Approx. 2
- 2.5 months
Uo to 6.0kbp 124,000 JPY 248,000 JPY
Uo to 7.0kbp 149,500 JPY 299,000 JPY
Uo to 8.0kbp 166,500 JPY 333,000 JPY
Uo to 9.0kbp 192,000 JPY 384,000 JPY
Uo to 10.0kbp 234,500 JPY 469,000 JPY
  * Sample quantity and analysis conditions may affect to delivery. Please ask for the actual
   delivery when ordered.
* For analysis of known sequence, delivery may be shortened. Please ask us for details.

How to order
How to order
  Please download the order form, fill the blanks and send it attached to an e-mail to .

After sending the order form, please send your samples, primers, electrophoresis photo and order form to the below address.
Please clearly state as "sequencing samples" on the package.

Attn. Custom sequencing team
Hokkaido System Science Co., Ltd.
2-1, Shinkawa Nishi 2-1, Kita-ku, Sapporo-shi
Hokkaido, 001-0932
* Please read through the cautions on your order placement.
Please provide:
DNA sample Plasmid: Concentration; 100-300ng/uL or more, Quantity; as needed*1
PCR products: Concentration; 10ng/uL or more, Quantity; as needed*1,2
(Custom primer)
For any kind of sample: Concentration; 10uM, Quantity; 10uL or more Primer is used for the first analysis.
For universal primers, please select from here.
Electrophoresis photo Please send a photo which shows the result of a marker and your sample on the same gel with their quantity description.
Order sheet Please download the form from our web site.
  *1 Required DNA sample volume is depending on the analysis length. 1-5uL of a sample is
    used for one reaction which generates a data for approximately 500 bases. Please send a
    sample as much volume as possible.

*2 For PCR product, please make sure to be purified after PCR reaction. For our sample
    purification service, please click here for the details.
      For the detailed information, please see at the below links.
    - For sample preparation, click here.
    - For electrophoresis photos, click here.
    - For universal primer list, click here.
  *3 Please read through the notice page before the actual order placement.
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