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HSS Letter
Seasons Greetings
Now is in a middle of rainy season, and I can hardly wait for its end.
Raining every day makes me feel so depressed, but when the rain stops for a while, I sometimes find a ray of strong sunshine which reminds me of the full-fledged summer soon coming.

Just around this time, "Tour de France" is held in France.
In Europe, it rarely rains in July and is much less humid than in Japan, so it may be rather refreshing and comfortable even when the strong summer sunlight falls. "Tour de France", the world's top road bicycle race, is held this time.
Road bicycle race is one of the popular sports in Europe, and “Tour de France” has very long history. The first tournament was held in 1903, and this year is the 105th round.

In 2018, after starting on July 7th from the Pays de la Loire region in western France, there are various courses; some are on flat land and others are up and down slopes in harsh mountain stages such as the Alps and the Pyrenees mountain ranges.
Nearly 200 cyclists move from town to town every day for numbers of approx. 150 to 200 km stage races. They ride bikes strategically with taking into account wind pressure and height difference of the courses, show thrilling race developments just before each stage goal, and make approx. 3500 km journey on their bikes through France. It takes 3 weeks from the start to the finale at the Champs-Elysees Boulevard in Paris on July 29th.
In the courses, there are many beautiful European landscapes. Sunflowers and lavenders gardens, mountainous areas with magnificent glaciers views, old cities with paved streets …, and cyclists also enjoy such sceneries as if they do sightseeing.

Road bicycle race is not so popular in Japan, but I am sure that you will enjoy the race even through TV by following it closely.
I hope that many people will take opportunities to watch and enjoy this exciting race!