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HSS strives to support your biotechnology research with high reliability and flexibility.
2014/ 4/ 15
Request for your sample shipping
2013/ 12/ 18
Change of Illumina DNA Library Preparation Kit for Next Generation Sequencing
2013/ 12/ 16
Business calendar for year change period
2013/ 12/ 5
Closing hour for order acceptance is to be earlier on December 25th, 2013,
due to the facility inspection at Haneda Oligonucleotide Manufacturing Center. Click here for details.
2013/ 8/ 7
Custom Peptide Synthesis Service temoporarily suspended
2013/ 7/ 25
"HSS Genome Center" will be open on September 3rd, 2013!
More information will be SOON released!
2013/ 7/ 25
Rapid Service for Custom Peptide Synthesis temporarily suspended
2013/ 6/ 26
[Important] E-mail Server Problem
2013/ 2/ 22
Due to the system maintenance, web service is temporarily stopped from 12:00 till 12:15 on February 25th.
Thank you for your understanding.
2012/ 8/ 28
Termination of the FAX Order Acceptance for Custom DNA Synthesis Service
2012/ 3/ 6
Earlier Order Closing Hour due to the Facility Inspection

New line-up for Custom DNA Synthesis!!
More modifications now available to meet customers' needs! For details, please click here.

♪New type Stock series now on sale! ♪
Long-awaited Stock box for 8-strip tubes newly available! Please click here for more details.

Rapid Analysis of N-terminal Amino Acid Sequence now availabled!!
Speed service with reasonable price! Click here for details.

2013/ 7/26
Business calendar for Bon holidays
2013/ 4/25
Business calendar for GOLDEN WEEK holidays period

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