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2015/ 11/ 30
Re: Sample acceptance for year change period
2015/ 11/ 30
Re: Business calendar for year change period (DNA Synthesis)
2015/ 9/ 16
Re: Sample acceptance for Silver Week holidays
2015/ 9/ 16
Re: Business calendar for Silver Week holidays (DNA Synthesis)
2015/ 8/ 3
Re: Sample acceptance for BON holidays
2015/ 8/ 3
Re: Business calendar for BON holidays (DNA Synthesis)
2015/ 4/ 24
Termination of Next Generation Sequencing Service using Roche Genome Sequencer FLX+ System
2015/ 4/ 21
Sample acceptance for GOLDEN WEEK holidays
2015/ 4/ 21
Business calendar for GOLDEN WEEK holidays (DNA Synthesis)
2014/ 12/ 15
Termination of our mapping analysis service "SeqNovaTM CS (Cloud Server)"
Please download Alignment File. For details, please click here.
2014/ 12/ 8
Sample acceptance for year change period
2014/ 12/ 8
Business calendar for year change period (DNA Synthesis)
2014/ 7/ 31
Business Schedule for BON Holidays (custom DNA synthesis and sample acceptance)
2014/ 6/ 2
[Important] E-mail Server Problem
2014/ 5/ 29
Change of the delivery method for liquid oligo products
2014/ 4/ 22
Business schedule for custom DNA synthesis and sample receipt during the GOLDEN WEEK Holidays
Office will be close on Tue, April 29th and from Sat, May 3rd till Tue, May 6th.
2014/ 4/ 15
Request for your sample shipping
2013/ 12/ 18
Change of Illumina DNA Library Preparation Kit for Next Generation Sequencing
2013/ 12/ 16
Business calendar for year change period
2013/ 12/ 5
Closing hour for order acceptance is to be earlier on December 25th, 2013,
due to the facility inspection at Haneda Oligonucleotide Manufacturing Center. Click here for details.
2013/ 8/ 7
Custom Peptide Synthesis Service temoporarily suspended
2013/ 7/ 25
"HSS Genome Center" will be open on September 3rd, 2013!
More information will be SOON released!
2013/ 7/ 25
Rapid Service for Custom Peptide Synthesis temporarily suspended
2013/ 6/ 26
[Important] E-mail Server Problem
2013/ 2/ 22
Due to the system maintenance, web service is temporarily stopped from 12:00 till 12:15 on February 25th.
Thank you for your understanding.
2012/ 8/ 28
Termination of the FAX Order Acceptance for Custom DNA Synthesis Service
2012/ 3/ 6
Earlier Order Closing Hour due to the Facility Inspection

New line-up for Custom DNA Synthesis!!
More modifications now available to meet customers' needs! For details, please click here.

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Long-awaited Stock box for 8-strip tubes newly available! Please click here for more details.

Rapid Analysis of N-terminal Amino Acid Sequence now availabled!!
Speed service with reasonable price! Click here for details.

2013/ 7/26
Business calendar for Bon holidays
2013/ 4/25
Business calendar for GOLDEN WEEK holidays period

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